Fox Rage Slick Stick

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Product Overview

You asked, and we got it back – here is the legendary Fox Rage Slick Stick, ready to catch again!

  • Superb baitfish profile with a tight swimming action
  • Available in three diving versions Shallow Running (SR), Deep Running (DR) and SR Silent
  • Available in three size options: 40mm, 60mm and 90mm (SR Silent only available in 90mm size)
  • SR and DR models feature ball bearing rattle for extra attraction
  • SR Silent model features static ball bearing to deliver casting range and accuracy but with silent running
  • Full Ultra UV range of eight colours: UV Cool Herring, UV Silver Bait fish, UV Original Perch, UV Fire Tiger, UV Gold Head, UV Striped Shiner, UV Sun Tiger, UV Real Shiner
  • Features super-sharp, high-quality VMC black nickel trebles
  • High-quality construction throughout
  • 90mm Deep Running, floating, dives to 4.5m/14ft, weighs 15g
  • 90mm Shallow Running and SR Silent, suspending, dives to 2.7m/8.5ft, weighs 15g
  • 60mm Deep Running, floating, dives to 2.4m/7.5ft, weighs 5g
  • 60mm Shallow Running, suspending, dives to 1.2m/4ft, weighs 5g
  • 40mm Shallow Running, suspending, dives to 0.6m/2ft, weighs 2g