Fox Rage Replicant® Realistic Trout Shallow

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Product Overview

Hunt them in the shallows with the Realistic Replicant Trout in shallow format.

  • Two sizes; 18cm / 70g and 23cm / 130g
  • Three colour options in 23cm size; Ultra UV Stickleback, Ultra UV Perch and Super Natural Rainbow Trout
  • Five colour options in 18cm size; Ultra UV Stickleback, Ultra UV Perch, Super Natural Rainbow Trout, Super Natural Tiger Trout and Silver Bleak
  • Proven, enticing swimming action
  • Tuned for shallow working
  • Interchangeable body
  • Super resistant body material
  • Weighted harness detachable from body to save lure from damage and maximize hook holds
  • High-end hooks

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