Darrell Carter

One of the most appealing aspects of lure angling is the ability to grab a few essential items of equipment to spend a few hours fishing without having to spend time filling a car full of tackle.

This minimal approach to angling has many benefits. More water can be covered in search of target species, improving the chance of locating and ultimately catching a fish.

And, unlike other areas of fishing which need a certain amount of patience ‘waiting’, lure angling promotes the need to be active, with the dedicated angler constantly casting, retrieving and moving in search of a bite.

Keeping tackle light and being mobile is also a much more comfortable way of spending a few hours fishing and, for me, it all adds to the sense of the adventure when I’m enjoying the great outdoors!

The Bare Necessities: Tackled up and ready to rove!

The rod and reel that I’ll use on a session will depend on where I’m looking to fish. The Warrior range of rods are great value and cater for all demands, whether it’s an Ultra Light 2-8g for suited for canals, brooks and small rivers, or 40-80g Heavy Spin rod for those bigger rivers and still waters. Supporting these are the Warrior reels which again offer super value for money and offer the perfect weight-to-performance ratio when used in conjunction with the rods.

Keeping the setup balanced with the appropriate rod and reel will add to the comfort of those longer lure sessions

The Street Fighter luggage is a fairly new addition to the Fox Rage range and designed specifically with the mobile angler in mind. The ability to combine various parts of this range together, such as the Rucksack with the Utility Belt, means additional equipment can be taken as and when needed. Additional pouches can also be purchased separately and added to the Utility Belt, with each pouch containing one extra small box – perfect for basic end tackle and a selection of lures.

Nice and simple: A tackle box with a selection of essential  lures, weights jigs and hooks

Being on the move requires a landing net which is compact and light, and the Street Net ticks both those boxes. There are five different variations to choose from, each benefiting from a different handle length, from short to a whopping 5.5m version (perfect for tackling fishing from structure or avoiding slippery riverbanks). Being able to clip the net to a belt is also an advantage and again helps with keeping the net out of the way when walking.

Result! A lovely perch caught during an opportunistic evening lure session

Keeping things simple and taking a light approach to lure angling really is great for the mind, body and soul and will provide you with many hours of enjoyable fishing and (hopefully!) more fish on the bank. Tight lines!