Trevor Gunning

Ever wanted to try your hand at lure fishing for chub? Or fancy just sharpening up your technique? Trevor Gunning talks you through his approach for the species.

Geneva Or Bust

Sylvain Legendre

Massive lake, fast boat, big lures... our man Sylvain Legendre goes on the hunt for the legendary big pike of Lake Geneva.


Jason Evans and Jason Chambers

Here in the UK one of the largest venue types we have on offer for our lure fishing is that of canals. Our guys Jason Evans and Jason Chambers talk you through the basics of finding the fish in these long waterways.


Pierre Johnen

There‘s no doubting that the large shipping canals of Holland provide some of the most fantastic predator fishing within Europe. One such angler who makes the effort to travel to these huge expanses of water is Fox Rage consultant Pierre Johnen.

A Week To Remember

Ben Humber

My angling year is always broken down in to months, then species and then venues. Without doubt my favorite species and venues has to be Chew valley reservoir for pike.