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By far the most famous Rage hard lures now have a new addition - a silent version for pressured waters and predators already wise to the rattle of other lures. There are days when pike and zander simply need a little more action underwater to entice them to strike at a lure. In these situations pressure waves provoke the necessary attention and literally shake the predators out of their lazy state. The Slick Stick produces short, high-frequency signals and with a wide range of dive depths from 0.5 metres down to 4.5 metres covers a lot of water where bait fish o? en shoal up. Available in 4cm, 6cm and 9cm, in both SR (shallow running) and DR (deep running) versions, Slick Stick is a brilliant lure for a wide range of situations. F = Floating Lures with the F logo are Floating. This does not refer to the diving lip or its diving capabilities. It just tells us that this lure will float right up to the surface and will dive when retrieved in relation to form, position and size of the diving lip. With every spin stop it will rise again up to the surface. SR = Shallow Runner Lures with the SR logo are Shallow runners. They have a very small and flat diving lip, so they will only move in the upper water layers down to 1 or 2 meters but not deeper. They are perfect for fishing shallow waters or when the predators are hunting in the upper water layers. SP = Suspending Lures with the SP logo are Suspending. This mark has got nothing to do with the size or position of the diving lip or the diving depth but indentifi es the fl oating-sinking capabilities. SP lures will sink very, very slowly or hang right in the same water depth a? er a spin stop. DR = Deep Runner Lures with the DR logo are Deep Runners. They have a large horizontal diving lip with a slight inclination. These lures will always dive very fast up to 3 to 5 meters. Ideal for deeper waters or when the predators are right on the bottom.

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