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Crank & Troll
The perch is the number one prey fish of many big predators and was the inspiration behind the development of this hardbait. The distinctive shape of a perch gives the Hitcher the typical humpback, slightly compact body. The Crank & Troll is available in two versions: one piece and jointed. The one-piece DR is suited to trolling or spinning. With a steady retrieve it staggers slightly to the side and the steel balls in the belly produce a lightweight thud. With its low frequency, smooth running and the uneven showing of its flanks, the lure imitates an easy prey and is an absolute pike magnet! It resembles a battered prey fish and is available in natural prey fish colours and also a bright Fire Tiger colour to attract aggressive predators and promote a strike. With the jointed Hitcher you have a great prey fish imitation. In recent years, after a lot of experimentation and testing, the Hitcher has been developed and the multi-part crankbait is the result. It doesnt swim in straight lines, but makes its tracks through the water just like a real fish. As the name implies, Crank & Troll can be trolled as well as cast and retrieved. At a constant pull it swims through the water with the steel balls making light thuds in the front part of the body. This low frequency noise is known to tempt particularly large fish. This very natural swimming motion and shape of the Hitcher Crank & Troll Jointed has proved especially effective in very clear and pressured conditions. F = Floating Lures with the F logo are Floating. This does not refer to the diving lip or its diving capabilities. It just tells us that this lure will float right up to the surface and will dive when retrieved in relation to form, position and size of the diving lip. With every spin stop it will rise again up to the surface. SR = Shallow Runner Lures with the SR logo are Shallow runners. They have a very small and flat diving lip, so they will only move in the upper water layers down to 1 or 2 meters but not deeper. They are perfect for fishing shallow waters or when the predators are hunting in the upper water layers. DR = Deep Runner Lures with the DR logo are Deep Runners. They have a large horizontal diving lip with a slight inclination. These lures will always dive very fast up to 3 to 5 meters. Ideal for deeper waters or when the predators are right on the bottom.