Kev Cox

Most of us have fished for a long time and have had the pleasure in sharing some very memorable days along the way. Fishing with friends is the most enjoyable way of being on or by the water, however, more often than not one person has a better day than the other. This making the days when it all comes together and you both catch even more special. This is just what happened on a recent trip with long standing fishing partner Matt French.

An early start to cover the 2 and a half hour drive to a popular Anglian water reservoir was mostly spent speculating on how the day might turn out. Being the first boat on the water we headed straight for a well-known structure that holds vast numbers of perch, pike and zander. Anchoring within casting distance of the structure myself and Matt set about casting various small plastic lures all around the structure. To start with we cast small 6cm Rage Spikey Shads mounted on 5 to 10gram jig heads along with Rage Zander Pro Shads and Slick Shads between 7.5cm and 12cm in all colours and sizes with no interest at all. What to do now?