Gary Edmonds

Sam and I can’t believe how quickly this year seems to be flying by. It doesn’t feel like nearly six months have passed since we joined Fox Rage, but we’re already in June and it’ll soon be time to get back on the rivers again - which we’re really looking forward to. Probably our two favourite times of the year to fish rivers are the first few weeks of the season, targeting multiple species, and the last few weeks of the season, concentrating on big perch. 

At the end of last season we were hoping to explore a couple of new venues further afield. However, for one reason or another, we didn’t get around to it, plus Sam had recently started a new job at Farlows of Pall Mall and was getting into a new routine, so most of our fishing was on our local rivers and canals. Most of these venues can be quite challenging at times, so we’re always experimenting with different lures and chopping and changing tactics between us to see what’s working best. The fishing was made even harder with the crazy weather conditions we experienced at the back end of the season – one day back in Feb, Sam and I were filming with Rage Media Manager Steve Phillips in blizzard conditions and jumped back in the car to see the temperature gauge read -6°C! It was almost impossible to cast as our rings were continually freezing up.